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Virginia Tech TE Connor Blumrick Apologizies For Collision With ODU Fan

Connor Blumrick 1 VT UVA 2021 From VT

After Virginia Tech's 20-17 loss to Old Dominion that led to Monarch fans storming the field, there was a collision between Hokies TE Connor Blumrick and an ODU Fan.

Blumrick took to Twitter today to apologize for the collision which is shown below along with the incident.

It wasn't clear if it was accidental or an understandable heat of the moment reaction given the chaotic storming the field scene, but it wasn't a great look regardless of the context. Blumrick deserves credit for apologizing with this incident being well outside his history and deserving the benefit of the doubt from all involved.

Blumrick played some as a receiving tight end for the Hokies in the season opener receiving multiple targets from Grant Wells but failing to record a catch. He did almost have a long catch late if not for a big hit from an ODU DB while he was in the air that caused him to land out of bounds.

We will have more as this story develops.

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