2022 OL Zach Rice Recaps His Virginia Tech Visit

2022 OL Zach Rice Recaps His Virginia Tech Visit
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Feb 07, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Virginia Tech hosted a talented group of visitors this past weekend including one of the best offensive linemen in the 2022 class, Zach Rice. Rice's visit went quite well both with what he shared with us and publicly.

"It was really really a good time and I see what there working for and what they have to potential to be with all those facilities getting built," Rice said.

Rice was busy when he was on campus from spending time with coaches and former players to taking in the Virginia Tech-Florida State basketball game.

"I had a meeting with the head coach. I had 2 offensive linemen that are offensive alumni (Braxton Phaff) and (Kyle Chubb) show me around the school. Then I got to try on uniforms, and eat lunch. Then we went to see the weight room and what they're doing with. construction. We had a position meeting and then we had a "Why VT meeting" and there was alumni telling us why VT is the best of the best. Then we headed over to watch the FSU vs VT basketball game," Rice said.

Rice started early on with a conversation with head coach Justin Fuente that went quite well in the limited time they had to spend together.

"Good, it was very welcoming but good enough to be brief. I could tell they cared for me and they already have made it clear that they can see me playing for them!" Rice said.

Rice also got to spend some time with a pair of alumni in Kyle Chung and Braxton Pfaff, who played at Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg just as Rice currently does. Both Chung and Pfaff had a consistent message while showing Rice great hospitality on campus.

"That this decision isn’t there's, it’s mine. They made that clear but they also showed me around VT and and the restaurant for the big boys. They showed a lot of hospitality," Rice said.

Zach Rice was able to spend some time with offensive line coach Vance Vice as well including in a position meeting with Rice seeing how much Vice hopes Rice will come to Virginia Tech in a couple years.

"It was very nice and let us know that we will be needed in this program, we just have to work hard and get better in our high school days," Rice said.

So what stood out the most for Rice during his visit to Virginia Tech?

"Nice hospitality, they made me comfortable, they went over a lot of construction, and they're fighting to make VT football the best!" Rice said.

One of the other notable things about this visit was the fact that he went on it with fellow talented 2022 OL Gunner Givens with both of them having a long relationship that could possibly lead to a reunion in college.

"Gunner (Givens) is my best friend. We played on a 12U team and decided to play on a 13U team together. We also went on vacation together, and we work out together. I would love to go to college with him but we both live different lives with different decisions! Coach Vice believes and is hype in thinking we could play beside each other we already have experience," Rice said.

Overall, Rice told us that this visit "helped a lot" in terms of getting a better view of how Virginia Tech may be a good fit for him, but added that it's still very early in his recruitment.

What's clear though is that Virginia Tech is laying a strong foundation early on in their pursuit of Zach Rice with this being a great start for Tech in their pursuit of one of the Commonwealth's top 2022 recruits.