2022 Virginia Tech Football Fall Camp Preview: Tight End

2022 Virginia Tech Football Fall Camp Preview: Tight End
Photo Credit: Dave Knachel/Virginia Tech Athletics
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Jul 20, 2022

Our position-by-position fall camp preview for Virginia Tech football continues at the tight end position where the Hokies have a pair of veterans, a converted QB, and a large freshman class in what may be one of the more fascinating position groups on this roster.

With that said, check out our preview of the tight end position along with the rest of our position previews to date.

Projected TE Depth Chart Entering Fall Camp

  1. Nick Gallo
  2. Connor Blumrick OR Drake DeIuliis
  3. Connor Blumrick OR Drake DeIuliis
  4. Daequan Wright OR Benji Gosnell OR Harrison Saint Germain

Nick Gallo is poised to lead the tight end group as the more classic tight end while Drake DeIuliis should be a top backup along with Connor Blumrick who is moving back to TE from QB for the second time in his career.

Can Nick Gallo Take The Next Steps?

Nick Gallo is poised to lead the way for Virginia Tech's TE unit as the Hokies' best blocking tight end while also providing some receiving upside over the past two seasons with 25 receptions for 213 yards and a touchdown.

Gallo's game has always been more reminiscent of Dalton Keene as an h-back type tight end who is definitely a strong blocker first while also being a good in-line TE that can provide some receiving upside. That upside has been best shown on underneath and delayed underneath routes with Gallo being effective in those situations.

Gallo is not exactly a speed threat relative to the average of the tight end position, but he has plenty of quality skills to take the next steps as a receiver. His receiving abilities are going to be where Gallo

Connor Blumrick Moves Back To TE/Jumbo WR

After starting his Virginia Tech career at QB as he did at Texas A&M, the talented athlete is moving back away from QB to the tight end/jumbo WR position entering the fall as one of the most fascinating players to watch.

There's no denying the tremendous athlete that Blumrick is having gotten to see his ability as a power-running quarterback who has the athletic skills that should fit well at tight end. His past experience at tight end from his time at Texas A&M should help him as a blocker though it would be crazy to think that Blumrick can move back to TE and be a top end blocker.

Blumrick's skill set could mean that he takes on a Bucky Hodges-type TE role where he's largely a jumbo WR rather than a traditional tight end. That may be a good role for Blumrick especially at the WR corps lack many big, physical receivers at the top of the depth chart outside of Kaleb Smith making him a good potential pairing in that regard.

It's also easy to envision Tech trying to use Blumrick in some versatile ways given that he's one of Tech's better athletes. Of course, it's one thing to athletic tools, but it's another thing to actually be able to use them effectively when the ball isn't being snapped to you.

Connor Blumrick was always a Power 5 athlete, but he wasn't a Power 5 passing quarterback. Now, he has the chance to develop further at a position that better fits his skill set. The question is whether it's too late for Blumrick to develop into a big time receiving tight end or if he could be a major surprise at that spot (and other offensive roles) for the Hokies in 2022.

The Freshman Trio

Virginia Tech's TE depth chart has plenty of room for opportunity with a trio of intriguing coming to Blacksburg with a great opportunity to earn playing time.

Benji Gosnell is one of the two four-star tight ends in this class for the Hokies with Brent Pry and his staff quickly sealing the deal for him after Justin Fuente and his staff had put Tech in a dominant position. Gosnell is an intriguing athlete who could end up at other positions on defense if tight end doesn't work out given the crowded room, but Gosnell definitely has the potential to be a strong tight end at Tech.

Daequan Wright was a senior year riser at tight end finishing as a four-star overall with the South Carolinian impressing many evaluators during his senior season. Wright is considered a very good receiver which could make him someone who has the potential to make an instant impact.

Harrison Saint Germain rounds out the group as the second in-state TE coming in this cycle along with Gosnell. Saint Germain arrived in Blacksburg early and definitely can benefit from getting to Tech sooner and having extra time in Tyler Bowen's offense.

There's plenty of intrigue with Tech's new crop of tight ends with all three having a chance to earn early playing time on an open depth chart with Wright likely being at the top of the list.