2024 TE Brett Elliott Discusses Recent Virginia Tech Offer and Visit

2024 TE Brett Elliott Discusses Recent Virginia Tech Offer and Visit
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jun 17, 2022

While 2023 recruiting is the focus, the target boards for future recruiting classes is taking shape with plenty of evaluations and offers including one to 2024 TE Brett Elliott out of Holliston, MA during a visit to Virginia Tech recently.

Elliott had this to say about his reaction to receiving a Virginia Tech offer.

"I’m extremely excited and honored to get the offer. My parents and I had a great visit meeting the coaches and touring the facilities and loved the overall experience," Elliott said.

The Hokies are one of three offers for Elliott so far along with Nebraska and in-state UMASS. He received the offer during a conversation with offensive coordinator/TEs coach Tyler Bowen and had this to say about that conversation.

"It went really well. I like the offensive scheme," Elliott said.

So how did his first visit to Virginia Tech go as a whole?

"I loved it. The campus is beautiful and I really enjoyed touring the football facilities. The weight room, fields, and team rooms were all really nice," Elliott said.

So what did Elliott do while on his visit to Blacksburg?

"First, we went on a campus tour. Then, we went back and took a tour of the weight room and the other parts of the facility like the team rooms and had a photo shoot. Then, I got to learn about their offense," Elliott said.

He had this to say about what stood out from his visit.

"The campus and football facilities definitely stood out to me and also the coaching staff I really loved," Elliott said.

So how did this offer and visit impact his recruitment and where Virginia Tech stands in it?

"It’s a big deal to get my first ACC offer and I’m very appreciative for that. Like I said earlier, seeing the facilities in person and meeting the coaches was great. It’s still early in the process, but I am very interested in Virginia Tech," Elliott said.

Massachusetts TE Brett Elliott's first visit to Virginia Tech went quite well thanks in part to receiving an offer from the Hokies, but also from Tech making a strong first impression on him over the whole visit.