All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball Draft Round 4

All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball Draft Round 4
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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May 21, 2020

Photo Credit: Liam Sment

After a Round 3 that was dominated by the 2000s, Round 4 of the All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball sees some more recent, familiar names goes off the board. However, this round also sees two of Virginia Tech's first basketball stars get selected including the first basketball player to be selected for the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame.

So with that said, let's get on to Round 4 and remember, we'll be running a poll next week to determine the best All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball team.

13. Team Grant: Bob Ayersman

I went all the way back to the late 1950s for this pick. Bob Ayersamn was another of the few big men in Virginia Tech history who made an outstanding impact. The forward averaged over 17 points a game in each of his three seasons, and he helped the Hokies finish first in the Southern conference during the 1959-60 season. He was also named an AP All-American Honorable Mention that year.

While many people reading this may not have been old enough to see him play, Ayersman was one of the first real stars of Virginia Tech basketball.

14. Team David: Deron Washington

Deron is my favorite Virginia Tech basketball player ever. I was seven years old when Tech went to the tournament in 06-07 but I could never take my eyes off Deron. He’s also the reason I wore No. 13 when I played sports growing up.

The high-flyer, known for tea bagging Greg Paulus and his rim rocking dunk against Boston College in ’07, among other dunks, is 22nd all-time in scoring in Blacksburg. He’ll provide some height (he’s 6’8”) for my team with three guards, but you can’t beat his athleticism. And like my other picks, he’s a fan favorite.

15. Team Robert: Ahmed Hill

With the 15th pick, I decided to make good on my desire to surround Blackshear with shooters. I selected another fixture of the Buzz Williams era and a fan favorite: shooting guard Ahmed Hill.

Hill was one of the most athletic players to wear maroon and orange in recent memory, and he coupled that with an extraordinary shooting stroke and remarkable grit.

To put it plainly, Hill is the type of player that every team wants. He was always a leader on the floor, a tough defender, and could score when his number was called.

As a 45% shooter with a 39% clip from the three-point line, Hill will fit on my team perfectly. With Blackshear, Bristow, and Coles attacking the basket, Hill will be right there in the corner, waiting to drain a barrage of threes.

16. Team Tim: Chris Smith

If you haven't heard of Chris Smith, you should do your research on one of Virginia Tech basketball's first stars and the only basketball player to be a part of the inaugural Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame class.

Smith is arguably the greatest rebounder in program history holding the records for the most rebounds in a single game, single season, and for his career. Overall, Smith was a dominant interior player who averaged at least 17 points and 16 rebounds per game in each of his final 3 seasons including 20.4 rebounds per game during his sophomore season and 22.2 points and 19 rebounds per game as a junior.

Smith earned AP Honorable Mention All-American honors in 1960 and 1961 while being a part of the first great era of VT Basketball, the Chuck Noe era, and would complete that by going 14th overall (which was in the second round) in the 1961 NBA Draft.

Smith may not be well-know by many Hokie fans, but he is one of the program's all-time great players and fits well in my frontcourt alongside Ace Custis.

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Photo Credit: Liam Sment