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Enter Sandman Celebrates 20 Years as Virginia Tech's Football Entrance

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Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Twenty years ago, Virginia Tech installed a new scoreboard behind the North End Zone and wanted to add a new entrance song as a way to celebrate the new scoreboard.

Multiple songs were considered in the process, but only one was chosen that would spark the creation of one of the great college football traditions of the 21st Century, one that has easily outlived that scoreboard, Enter Sandman.

20 years later, Enter Sandman continues to be the "rockingest" entrance in college football as ESPN's Chris Fowler recently said before the Hokies faced Notre Dame in 2018.

Through the years, there have been tons of tremendous entrances on Thursday and Saturday nights with Enter Sandman helping take Thursday night football to another level before the NFL put a game on that day.

We've seen times when Enter Sandman has been pulled out in fourth quarters to terrify opponents from the earthquake game against Miami in 2011 to Mike London cracking a wry smile of "oh crap" back in 2014, and mulitple other times.

While most teams aren't afraid to wait in the tunnel for most entrances, there's also been a trend in recent years of teams waiting as long as they can to leave their locker room at Lane Stadium. In that, coaches know the terror that having their players stare at 65,000+ fans jump to Enter Sandman can bring and would rather avoid it at all costs.

The tradition has also grown into fans singing the chorus as team captains head to midfield for the coin toss, adding another great element to the greatest entrance in college football.

Of course, it won't look the same this upcoming season with Lane Stadium's capacity limited due to the pandemic. However, there's no doubt that there are tons of great memories to be made over the next 20 years from full Lane Stadiums and major games with fans ready to support the Hokies that are on the field with all they can off of it.

Hokies, we want to hear your favorite Enter Sandman memories. Comment below and tweet at us with your favorite memories and stories of the greatest entrance in college football.

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