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Virginia Tech's 2022-23 Final Four Team Discusses Their Memories and Legacy

VT Team Coaches Fans 1 LSU 2023 From VT

The 2022-23 Virginia Tech Women's Basketball will undoubtedly go down as the greatest basketball team, men's or women's, in VT Athletics history after a tremendous season that ended in heartbreak with a 79-72 loss to LSU in the Final Four.

In the process, the Hokies reached a Final Four for the first time, won an ACC Tournament championship for the first time, earned a 1 seed for the first time, and won 30+ games for the first time.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of the accomplishments for this team.

So how will the Hokies remember this team and what do they think the legacy should be? Here's what head coach Kenny Brooks had to say about how he'll remember this team from his opening statement.

"I'm extremely proud of this group not only because of what they accomplished on the court, but how they conducted themselves on the court, how they conducted themselves in our community, and this is the best year of basketball I've ever had in my life. And it's not because of the 31 wins, it's not because of getting to the Final Four; it's because I get to coach these young ladies. And I'm so happy and proud. I love the way they respect the game. I love the way they respect their opponent. I love the way they respect their university. I love the way they respect anybody that they don't know when they come across them. And I'll take that every time," Brooks said.

"And that's who we are, that's what Virginia Tech is, that's what Virginia Tech will be. And these kids right here represent (VT) so well. I'm the proudest coach in the country regardless of whether I got the actual prize. The fact that they love me as much as they do, that's all that matters. I've been doing this too long and this is the absolute best that I've ever felt with a group. I'm proud of them whether they won, whether they lost. They respect everything and that's why they're going to be future leaders of tomorrow because they understand it, they respect it, and they will be very, very successful," Brooks said.

For two-time ACC Player of the Year Liz Kitley, she'll remember this team as her favorite to play on with relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

"This is my favorite team that I've been on by far. You know the goal is a national championship, but a Final Four is pretty incredible and I'm going to remember it as that. But also this group of girls has been so fun to play with and it's the kind of relationship that I feel like is going to carry on for however many years, and we'll always be able to look back on this season and remember how much fun we had together. And I'm sure we're going to have a reunion in 50 years and be able to talk about it so I'm looking forward to that,"Kitley said.

Georgia Amoore is the one core piece of this team that will be returning next season for sure with the All-ACC First Team and AP All-American PG remember this team in part for the new standard that they set for themselves on and off the court.

"Just underdogs the whole year. We got the 1 seed. We won the (ACC) Championship and people still didn't believe in us. People said we would be the first team to leave our region and we had inside adversity. I think we grew maturity wise and set a standard for Virginia Tech basketball and who we are as people and athletes," Amoore said.

Overall, it's been Kenny Brooks who's gotten to not just play a lead role in the growth of this team, but also witness how this team has gone about achieving one of the greatest season in any sport in Virginia Tech history.

This Tech team will put a Final Four banner in the rafters of Cassell Coliseum from this season with Brooks hoping that Tech fans remember this team for more than just their success but also their work ethic, their character, and their love for Virginia Tech.

"I want (VT fans) to look at that Final Four banner and appreciate all the hard work, the dedication, and the sacrifices that this group put in. And I want them to understand that this is a phenomenal group of young ladies, and what they have done for this program, for this university. They're proud to be Hokies. As soon as we touch down, I bet they'll be at a lacrosse game, I'll bet you they'll be at a softball game not to be seen, but because they really genuinely love being Hokies. So I want everybody to know that it's more than just basketball with this particular group. And if you're a Hokie, if you're a fan of Virginia Tech, or if you just like watching them or you're just peaking at us; I want you to know that they are phenomenal kids who represent us so well."

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