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Virginia Tech Football 2025 & 2026 Recruiting Breakdown: Tight End

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Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Our Virginia Tech Hokies Football recruiting breakdown series continues as we shift to tight end. You can check out all of our recruiting breakdowns at the links below.

In the first two full recruiting cycles of the Brent Pry era, Virginia Tech has signed one tight end in Zeke Wimbush who was a late offer in the 2023 class. In general, the Hokies have not done well in a recruiting sense missing on all of their top targets and having to reset the board during the summer and fall. Yes, the Hokies' large 2022 TE class allowed for some flexibility in being more selective with their TE recruiting, but the current standing on the 2025 front is starting to reveal a concerning pattern.

So with that said, let's get into where things stand for the Hokies at tight end.

2025: A Board Reset/Reload May Be Looming

Virginia Tech's 2025 recruiting board is already looking very thin, to say the least.

Let's start with the fact that among the players they've offered, only a few are uncommitted with Tech only really having traction for one offered tight end at the moment. If they land that guy, then all this is null and void but that's a risky spot to be in, one that likely will lead to some new offers in the coming weeks especially with multiple camps in Blacksburg amidst all the official visit weekends.

The one tight end who Tech does appear to have traction with is

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